Transfer to the younger generation

The Manhattan Transfer, L to R: Tim Hauser, Cheryl Bentyne, Janis Siegel and Alan Paul

IT HAS been about 40 years since Janis Siegel first started performing with The Manhattan Transfer but she has not lost her passion for singing harmonies. more »

Back with black

WHILE it would be audacious to call Grinspoon one of Australia’s best rock bands - they are certainly right up there with some of the greats. more »

A 'planetoid of pure delight'

Tripod and Eddie Perfect

HARMONY supergroup Eddie Perfect and Tripod have combined vocal talents and are heading west with their show Perfect Tripod Australian Songs, featuring new arrangements of iconic Aussie hits from across the ages. more »

Tropical apocalypse

Green Stone Garden is coming to town this July.

DARWIN’S idyllic tropical landscape is showcased alongside a post-apocalyptic zombie narrative in indie folk/rockers Green Stone Garden’s new music video. more »

Paying homage

Sam Musca on lead guitar with The Australian Santana Experience

IT was 1979 when best mates and university students Sam Musca and Ezio Caferelli first thought about the idea of starting a Santana tribute band. more »

Queens of the modern age

Stewart Martin, Dylan Monk, Leo Downsborough and Ben Craig-Wadham

A SUDDEN move towards a permanent line-up has not lessened flexibility for Hills band The Methamphetaqueens. more »

Thank ewe for the music

BALL Park Music fans can rest assured that although the band’s coming The Thank Ewes tour may be their last for the year, they will be back. more »

Small town's big talent pool

L-R Brett Murray (North Perth) Sons of Rico, Amber Fresh (Bayswater) Rabbit Island, Rob Stephens (Northbridge) Sons of Rico & Nik Thompson (Parkerville) 44th Sunset. Photographer: Andrew Ritchie

ESKIMO Joe, Gyroscope, Luke Steele, Bob Evans – it reads like a who’s who of Australian music. more »

Kiss from a mystery rose

Rose Tattoo’s enduring frontman Angry Anderson.

MYSTERY isn’t a word you’d usually associate with a rough and ready rock and roll band like Sydney’s legendary Rose Tattoo, especially when it comes to notoriously upfront singer Angry Anderson. more »

You Am I's new Hi Fi Way

THE BIO for You Am I’s latest tour labels drummer Rusty Hopkinson as an indie-rock journeyman, but if you think that sounds unfair, be careful before you point the finger at a lazy PR person. more »

Dunes crack the radio code

From the Dunes: Andrew Knox, Jack Adams, Mike Stirling & Alex Keil. Photographer: Andrew Ritchie

HEARING his new single on the radio for the first time was incredibly gratifying for City Beach guitarist and songwriter Andrew Knox. more »

Jazz buff defies boundaries

Tal Cohen

WHEN you think jazz, you probably don’t envision an Israeli-born 27-year-old with a penchant for Jewish folk songs. more »

Life a runaway train for songstress

Vocalist Jessie Gordon (third from left) with her Stratosfunk band mates.

KALAMUNDA-raised SOUL starlet Jessie Gordon boasts a varied skill-set, but perhaps her most offbeat talent is putting up a killer beehive in 10 minutes flat. more »

Gunning for greatness

Emerald City: Simon Hallett, Joe Sabatino, front Sal Abate, Frank Licastro & Nick Rossetti. Photographer: Andrew Ritchie

THE boys from homegrown band Emerald City are about to take the biggest step in their young rock-god careers. more »

Musician helps prisoners find release

Musician David Hyams at his home in Fremantle. Photographer: Marie Nirme

WHEN Fremantle musician David Hyams was invited to work on the ‘inside’ with WA prisoners, little did he realise it would have such a transformative impact on his own craft and life. more »

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