Appetite unsatisfied

ZZ Top. Photographed by: Emma Reeves

YOU know you’re in for an interesting night when you arrive at Perth Arena and the first thing you see is a guy in a Guns'N'Roses shirt being removed from the premises in handcuffs. more »

Former teacher chases the dream

Stu Orchard at Mojos in North Fremantle. Photographer: Martin Kennealey

ALL music lovers can name a song that touched their soul in their youth. more »

A whole new world for classical music

Lucas O

A WORLD of opportunity awaits young Victoria Park soprano Brianna Louwen. more »

Kiss wow crowds at Perth Arena

THERE is no better introduction to Perth Arena than a KISS concert. You simply can't top it. Five years since their last visit and 30 years after their first, they remain one of the must-see live bands in the world. more »

Seeking a spiritual experience

Sally Seltmann, Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko.

THEY are often praised for possessing angelic voices and hailed by their legions of fans as goddesses, so it’s only fitting that Seeker Lover Keeper are taking their soaring, ethereal vocals on a national tour of churches and cathedrals. more »

Bearing the same name

Boy and Bear: Seven ARIA Award nods and heading to Perth.

WHAT do Sydney folk-indie darlings Boy & Bear have in common with a 1973 low-budget film about truckers battling a Nazi hiding out in Mexico? more »

Boom times again as Ryder finds voice

Boom Crash Opera is returning to Perth.

ROCK n' rollers aren't renowned for following rules or playing it safe - and Boom Crash Opera's frontman Dale Ryder is no exception. more »

Road to hell and back

Aussie rock muso Nick Barker pays homage to Bon Scott.

ROCK royalty Bon Scott means a lot of things to a lot of Acca Dacca fans. more »

Band a sunny lot on any day

Chris Chen, Dylan Ollivierre and Tom Allison are newcomers to the Fremantle Festival. Picture: Martin Kennealey   d367258

DESPITE the name of the band being inspired by a Bob Dylan single from 1966, Rainy Day Women frontman Dylan Ollivierre said the similarities did not mean he liked the song. more »

Collision of contrasts

The Jezabels

AUSSIE indie band du jour The Jezabels are a collision of musical contrasts. more »

Grate expectations

The Grates are now a twosome with a newfound "mature" sound.

ELICITING a sense of mystery and marvel - like a well-crafted Agatha Christie whodunit - John Patterson of The Grates is keeping closed-lipped about his band's 'secret rituals.' more »

Shannon Noll - A Million Suns (Universal)

Channelling the pop-rock echo of Canada's favourite singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, the 36-year-old country boy from Condobolin is back with his fourth true-blue offering, A Million Suns. more »

Sneaky Sound System - From Here to Anywhere (Modular)

DOWNSIZING must be on-trend in Aussie music at the minute. more »

Morrison disciple is back to jazz things up

Ex-Perth jazz talent: Sarah McKenzie.

SARAH McKenzie is being dubbed a once-in-a-generation talent and has shared the stage with Michael Buble and David Campbell, but she had no idea she could have a career as a jazz musician until hearing leading multi-instrumentalist James Morrison. more »

Songstress loves her 'blessed' life

Blast from the past: Taylor Dayne.

WHEN I first heard I was interviewing New York songstress Taylor Dayne, warm memories of her 1993 cover of Barry White's '70s pop-soul classic Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe came flooding back. more »

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