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RONAN Keating - Duet (Universal)


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CLEAN-cut Irish pop singer Ronan Keating has been something of a bad boy of late (yes, who would have thought), becoming tabloid fodder after cheating on his model wife of 12 years.

In the liner notes of his latest album, he dedicates the LP to long-time love Yvonne as a heartfelt apology.

Somehow, I don't think Duet - a mix of covers and re-workings of his own material and a blatant attempt at capitalising on increased Aussie exposure thanks to The X Factor - is going to win her over.

But you got to hand it to the guy; he can effortlessly deliver beautiful harmonies with pretty much anyone (Aussie country lad Lee Kernaghan among them).

And he delves into a rather curious box of archives, digging up the terribly outdated Believe Again, which he co-wrote for the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest some years ago, pairing with ex-Idol Paulini for a racy disco-pop rendition. Slim pickings indeed.

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Think you are a bit behind the times, Ronan is already back with his wife, so he must have done some sweet taking before releasing the album!

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