FILM REVIEW I, Frankenstein

Aaron Eckhart in his latest film, <em>I, Frankenstein.</em>

HALFWAY through this action film about a monster made from parts of other men caught in the middle of a war between gargoyles and demons (huh?), I realised I, Frankenstein, was uninterested in poking fun at itself or its absurd plot. more »

Couple leaps into film in WA first

Leap Frog Films managing director David Doepel at Cinema Paradiso. Photographer: Marcus Whisson

SOME people might not watch 400 films in their life, but for David Doepel and his wife Barbara Connell it was homework. more »

FILM REVIEW Short Term 12

Brie Larson stars in <em>Short Term 12.</em>

IT is a rare occurrence for me that while I am watching a film I forget that I am sitting in a cinema, observing projected images. more »

Fresh fun for festival

New Alliance Francaise French Film Festival director Carine Bougnague. Photographer: Marcus Whisson

AFTER 25 years, “an eclectic, attractive film program is absolutely essential” in keeping the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival fresh and exciting for audiences, according to new Perth director Carine Bougnague. more »

FILM REVIEW Bright Days Ahead

Fanny Ardant stars in <em>Bright Days Ahead,</em> part of the Alliance Française French Film Festival.

SO MANY films deal with the human experience of transitions: from childhood into adulthood, passive to heroics, but it is the little explored transition into retirement that gets a look-in with Bright Days Ahead. more »

FILM REVIEW Wolf Creek 2

John Jarratt is back for more as Mick Taylor in <em>Wolf Creek 2</em>

DOING even less for the promotion of Australian tourism than the scrapped “Where the bloody hell are ya?” campaign, writer/director Greg Mclean takes us back to Wolf Creek where the murderous, tourist-hating Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) lurks. more »


Bruce Dern as Woody Grant in <em>Nebraska</em>.

AFTER the Coen brothers’ recent Inside Llewyn Davis, it would appear there is a recurring theme of characters caught in a cycle of the mediocrities of life, struggling to make self-improvements but being brick-walled at each attempt. more »

FILM REVIEW Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof in <em>Dallas Buyers Club</em>

MATTHEW McConaughey’s early to mid-2000s rom-com rut is now a distant memory, eclipsed by his recent remarkable string of exceptional performances in daring films. more »


Robert Redford stars in story of survival, <em>All Is Lost.</em>

EASILY comparable to last year’s space survival story Gravity, All Is Lost similarly pits man against his environment, reminding us that we are merely ant-like and at the mercy of nature. more »


Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly in <em>Her.</em>

HER - a sci-fi rom-com about a man falling in love with a computer program - may require one to be on a certain wavelength with filmmaker Spike Jonze (the Perth preview audience giggled at the dramatic moments). more »

FILM REVIEW Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio

AFTER the slew of debauchery in cinemas in recent months with Spring Breakers, Pain and Gain and now The Wolf of Wall Street, I am ready for a Silkwood-style scrub down. more »

FILM REVIEW 12 Years a Slave

Chiwetel Ejiofor in <em>12 Years A Slave</em>

THIS time last year, audiences were treated to Quentin Tarantino’s super-stylised but pathos-tinged slavery revenge fantasy Django Unchained. more »

Recognition for underrated rocker

From left: <em>Todd Who?</em> director Gavin Bond (Glendalough) with a photograph of Todd Rundgren and himself taken in 1994 and producer Ian Abercromby (Leederville). Taken by Marcus Whisson

CONSTANTLY being met with the response “Todd who?” when telling people about his musical idol Todd Rundgren inspired Gavin Bond to create a short “rockumentary” of the same name. more »

FILM REVIEW The Book Thief

Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse in <em>The Book Thief.</em>

When you have not read the book that a film adaptation is based on and yet you still feel that something is missing, things are already heading in the wrong direction. more »

FILM REVIEW American Hustle

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in American Hustle

A-LIST actors parading around in wacky, 1970s hairstyles conning each other should have been a ripper of a good time. more »

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