Australian artists to be celebrated

Todd McKenney. Taken by Matt Jelonek

NOMINATIONS for the 2014 Helpmann Awards were announced last week at His Majesty’s Theatre in simultaneous events across capital cities. more »

World under the sea fascinates photographer

A baby green sea turtle (chelononia mydas) swims toward the protection of the open sea off Nengo Nengo Atoll, French Polynesia. Taken by David Doubilet

GROWING up in New Jersey meant being shipped off annually to summer camp in northern New York’s Adirondack Mountains for youngster David Doubilet. more »

Dancers tell Australian stories

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company emerging choreographers Floeur Alder, Matthew Tupper and Jesse Martin. Taken by Andrew Ritchie

MATTHEW Tupper never sought to be a founding dancer for Nedlands' Ochre Contemporary Dance Company, and yet he has danced in every major season the uniquely mixed Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisation has presented since beginning in 2012. more »

Portraits of a legend

Model Bronx Whitehorn at pop-up exhibition <em>Marilyn Monroe: Exclusive Collection of Original Photographs from LA</em>. Taken by Andrew Ritchie

ONE of the world’s most famous blondes has travelled to Perth, even if it is only in photographic form. more »

Long-forgotten POWs heard at last

<em>Capturing the Enemy</em> cast

AT the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Rottnest Island was used by the Commonwealth Government as an internment camp, and detained more than 1000 enemy aliens as prisoners of war before its closure in 1915. more »

Spartels and Suchet to search for story's truth

George Spartels as Cardinal Lorsheider in <em>The Last Confession.</em>

PREPARING to play the role of a policeman or lawyer has a greater point of reference for an actor than George Spartels had for his current character, Cardinal Lorsheider, in theatrical conspiracy thriller The Last Confession. more »

Path forward for young artists

Curator Julianne Mackay with Hale School student Liam Strickland

THERE aren’t too many 14-year-olds who can say their artwork has been part of a professional exhibition. more »

Bangarra's happy birthday story

Bangarra dancers Tara Robertson and Tara Gower in <em>Patyegarang</em>. Taken by Jess Bialek

WHEN teachers asked a 15-year-old Tara Gower what she wanted to do with her life, the then-Broome teenager decided she wanted to turn her vacation in to her vocation and pursue a career in dance. more »

Company takes creative control

Fremantle author Craig Silvey out front with Barking Gecko actors L-R Hoa Xuande, Shaka Cook, James Beck & Elizabeth Blackmore. Taken by Andrew Ritchie

JASPER Jones has taken Fremantle author Craig Silvey on quite a journey since the book’s publication in 2009. more »

WA pigments an inspiration

Roleystone artist Ian Dickinson

ROLEYSTONE artist Ian Dickinson has had a lifelong love affair with the WA landscape. more »

Modernist spin on medieval war

Eloise Winestock and Michael Sheasby in </em>Henry V.</em>

SYDNEY actress Eloise Winestock was introduced to Shakespeare through the passion of her high school teacher Damien Ryan, so it seems rather fitting Ryan is directing the 26-year-old’s first production with Bell Shakespeare. more »

Audiences head to Wonderland

Charlie McLeod (14) as the Caterpillar and Dominque Waldron (10) as Alice. Taken by Andrew Ritchie

SHOWING Alice’s fall into Wonderland is just one of the challenges Prompt Corner director Diana Waldron has faced while in rehearsals for school holiday production Alice in Wonderland. more »

Circus comes to town

Gypsy Circus performers Ruth Battle (Rockingham), Magnus Danger Magnus (Perth) with Merlin the schnoodle, Renee Pilkington (Yokine) and Erin Burley (Mullaloo). Taken by Marcus Whisson

THERE is a new circus opening at Langley Park these school holidays under a very familiar tent. more »

Audience steps into the shadows


SOME productions need to be experienced live to comprehend their brilliance - Shadowland is one such show. more »

Perth audiences go back to school

Gretel Scarlett and Rob Mills make for the ideal Sandy and Danny.

IF MUSICAL Grease was set in the present, it is fair to say the story would have started very differently. more »

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