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What do you like most about your local community?

It's not far from the city

What do you dislike most about your local community?

The lack of broadband availability

What is the first thing you would do if you were mayor?

Increase the Ascot telephone exchange to provide availability of broadband

What is your favourite café or restaurant?

Silks Pub

What is a good night out for you?

Nice meal and a few drinks

Who is the most impressive person you have met?

Kenny Lowe, NTC Soccer head coach

What is your favourite movie?


What is your favourite local shop or small business?


What do you like to do when you are not working/studying?

Watch quality TV shows on dvd

Can you share with us one of your happiest memories?

Probably passing my driving test 23 years ago

What everyone else is thinking



Speaking for my "friend" Annette.
1.Its nice and quiet and a short drive from my business.
2.Its a long way from South Africa.
3.Change my sex!
4."Friends" in the city.
5.A good live show and a good meal.
6.My husband.
7.Gone With The Wind.
8.Unfair of me to answer truthfully.!
9.Are you joking?
10.Being born a woman and realizing that I was found attractive by the opposite sex.



1.The ocean and beaches.
2.The state of my local road.
3.Sack the present council and half of the staff.
4.The Fig North Coogee.
5.Start at 5pm and keep going till 5am.
6.Sir Stanley Matthews or Billy Wright.
7.Lawrence of Arabia.
8.Annettes Bargain Store.Phoenix Park.
9.Painting the town red.
10.Spending the last 40 years in Perth W.A.



The best thing about my local community it has everything close by.

I dislike most about my local community is too much broken glass, too much doggie mess,too much litter at times.

If I were mayor I would make sure all the animal shelters were properly maintained and run with the animals welfare being of the utmost importance.

Our favourite cafe is Cafe Elixir great food and service and the best thing of all very doggie friendly.

Great meal, great wine, great atmosphere sounds like a night out at Elixir.

I don't know I havn't met them yet but my beloved comes to mind.

Pirates of the Carribean (no 4 ).

Wanneroo Central it is convinient,with the potential for more developement.

Walking our dog,Gardening,watching a good movie, writing.

Meeting my other half and getting our little dog.

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