Hot off the ethernet cable

Hot off the ethernet cable

David Gear trawls the dark corners and crevasses of the internet to bring you the latest technology related news and opinion.

Get Kony


THE speed with which public discourse now moves was epitomised by the Kony 2012 video that did the rounds last week.

Within hours of flooding Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter accounts worldwide, mocking responses were doing the rounds.

They ranged from low brow more »

National "laser" Network


Oh dear.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

OK, it still is kind of hilarious.

On Mr Alan “cash for comment” Jones’ Sydney breakfast radio show this morning he used German.... more »

The Brocial Network



Another week, another media s*#@t storm about social networking.

This time it relates to a (admittedly tasteless) new Facebook group called “the brocial network”.

The premise of the site is for “bros” (it only allows male members) to upload photos they have found on Facebook (or on other sites) that feature scantily clad women.

Now, I’m not defending.... more »

The tweet and the dead


OSAMA Bin Laden’s body was barely cold before his assassination was being used by some to claim that it signalled the death of one of the other most maligned forces in the modern world, the “main stream media”.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, so the narrative.... more »

The great "paywall" of New York


At first glance, the New York Times’ recent decision to go behind a “paywall”, following News Corp’s London Times’ move to a paid subscription model last year, seems short-sighted.

While they use slightly different models, essentially they both charge a few dollars per month to access their websites, though readers can access 20 New York Times articles a month before having to pay.... more »

Uploading violence



The South Australian Government has come up with the harebrained idea of banning the uploading of violent images or video on the internet.

It comes in the wake of the several videos of schoolyard assaults being uploaded to Youtube.

This is yet another example of governments caring more about looking like the are acting than actually doing anything to.... more »

A revolution, 140 characters at a time


THE upheavals and protests in Iran in 2009, and in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya this year have been breathlessly reported by Western media as “Twitter” or “Facebook” revolutions.

Leaving aside the arrogance of claiming that popular upheavals in which hundreds, if not thousands of.... more »

The other Wiki


WHILE another ‘wiki’ has been getting most of the attention of late, Wikipedia, (a combination of the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning quick and the US spelling of encyclopedia) celebrated its 10th birthday recently.

Since its launch on January 15, 2001 Wikipedia’s  most.... more »

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