Photo Eye by Mark Boyle

Photo Eye by Mark Boyle

Photo Eye is about photography or more precisely about photographic images. It is not about equipment or technical information, just about the end result - the image.

Library of Dust


"Library of Dust" is a book of photographs by the photographer David Maisel.

It is a collection of photographs of copper canisters, each containing the unclaimed remains of a patient from a psychiatric hospital in Oregon (the same one used for filming "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"). Many of them have corrosion seeping from the seams as though the souls inside are trying to escape.... more »

A fisheye view of the world


Remember the fish eye lens?
That amazing piece of glass which gives us a whole new 180 degree perspective on reality.

I was lent one recently by a friend (Nikon AF 16mm F2.8D) when I went on a short trip to Melbourne. I had not used one before and had never really been particularly impressed by the majority of fisheye images I had seen. I think the problem for me was that the.... more »

Stop Motion Photography


Stop motion photography works by setting a scene and then taking a picture of it (with either a manual or digital camera). The scene is then altered slightly and another shot is taken. This process continues until the scene has gone through its entire action sequence.

When each of the single images is put together, the objects in each shot appear to move. Think of how a flip book.... more »

Female Bodybuilders by Martin Schoeller


Martin Schoeller is a portrait photographer renowned for his close-up images of famous peoples faces.

He has now turned his lens towards female bodybuilders by producing a series of images of them cropped tightly to their head and torso. The actual images are very large, nearly two metres high, and I imagine quite confronting.

Female.... more »

iWITNESS - Tom Stoddart


"It is sad and unnecessary that any of these photographs exist. Most of the events chronicled here can be attributed directly to mankind’s greed, intolerance, prejudice, inhumanity, lust for political power, and sheer stupidity. The siege of Sarajevo, ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, famine in Sudan, AIDS in Africa, devastated post 9/11 New Yorkers – generations of lives needlessly wasted. The people.... more »

Running the Numbers


Chris Jordan is a contemporary American photographer who in 2007 embarked an a 'massive' project. He wanted to visualise the disposable society we of the first world live in and quantify the amount of waste we generate.

The result is an amazing series of very large scale photographs called 'Running the Numbers'. The actual size of the prints he made of these images are around 1.5.... more »

Masters of Time


There is something about the square format that lends itself so beautifully to photography, particularly fine art photography. At the same time it is arguably the most difficult of formats to use successfully with its uncomprimising boundaries and unmoving nature.

One genre of photography more than any other seems particularly at home within the confines of the square image. I call.... more »

Tilt-Shift For the Rest of Us


Real Tilt-Shift photography refers to the use of camera movements, rotation of the lens (tilt) and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane (shift), to achieve very shallow depth of field and to control perspective. It has traditionally been done using medium and large format cameras or 35mm cameras with special lenses. Which also means it is a very expensive form of photography.... more »

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