Best Mugshots of 2010


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Another year, another great selection of mug shots

Like passport photos, mug shots have that ability to capture people in the most unflattering ways.

However, unlike passport photos, the mug shot subject does not have an opportunity to prepare for their picture. Which is bad news for the subject but good news for us who appreciate the finer points of mugshot photography.

The examples shown below are some of the best from 2010...

The Angriest

Best Headwear

Best Beard

Best Dad

Best Dressed

Best Facial Hair

Best Kept Hair

Best Haircut

Best Charlie Chaplin Lookalike

Best Moon Face

Best Pigtails

Best Smile

Best Stare

Best Suntan

Best Tattoos

Best Clown

The Drunkest

The Happiest

Most Confused

Most Enthusiastic

Most Mysterious

Reddest Hair

Most Regretful

The Sorriest

Strangest Head

Thickest Neck

Most Tired

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Reader Comments

Josh Saunders

26/09/2013 at 13:32

Hey Ken, just wondering where you find these photos. Keep up the funny mugshots. Good work and cant wait until you post more.

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