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Forgive me web blog types, for I have sinned.  It's been around a week or so since my last posting.  I'm such a mega huge sinner on the blog posting front, that I don't even remember exactly how long it's been.  Even though the date of my last post is showing to my left, I'm a bit busy with my own personal domestic case of RAPTURE, that I can't focus enough to count the days.

Being that we are all still here, despite the very loud proclamations of impending Rapture, I thought it would be a case of "better late than never" in regards to my latest Disney DVD review and giveaway.

This one is for the tween age range.  My Miss5 watched it, and nearly went all kamikaze on me trying to mimick the moves.  Miss2 was digging the rock style of some of the musical numbers, and spent many a viewing ranting and raving away at the DVD.  Mstr2 was quite fond of the rap songs, and has - so far - spent a number of days responding to all contact with the statement "Yo yo yo" in true rapper style.

Think The Breakfast Club meets High School Musical.  The Breakfast Club cancelling out any of the sickly sweet schmaltziness (did I just make up a new word?  In this post-Rapture new age type of morning?) of High School Musical.

To read the full review, and enter the giveaway, please visit my blog www.parentalparody.com

The most recent post is a comparison between yours truly and MacGyver.  I kid you not.

But if you go to the post prior to that  www.parentalparody.com/2011/05/lemonade-mouth-review-and-giveaway.html  you'll find out how to win your own copy.

Entries close midnight Tuesday 24 May - that's this coming Tuesday for those of you living in your own personal post-Rapture chaos and not quite able to equate the date with its impending status.

Please follow my blog on that site, as it's the following and hits on there that get me the DVD's and other such goodies to giveaway.

Following Lemonade Mouth, I have the current series of Hannah Montana, and also Alice in Wonderland (the old-school original version, digitally remastered and whacked on a DVD and Blu-Ray shiny disc) to review and giveaway.

Right, now I'm off to proclaim this whole Rapture business officially done and dusted.  The Parental Parody household will resume normal apocalyptic status post haste.


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