Things that irritate and puzzle me


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* When people recite their mobile numbers starting with a block of three numbers instead of four ie 041 355 555 5. Has the ‘official’ style of writing and saying these 10-digit numbers changed?

* Cars with number plates that say Kerrys, or Als or Heathaz et al. So, you have a car, congratulations!

* Erectile dysfunction radio ads featuring a female voiceover pressuring men to take action because they are causing the ‘mrs’ to miss out!

* When I mistakenly send a work email to a person I don’t work with.

* Chemical breath - smokers who pretend they don’t smoke, but we all know they do.

* Telstra. The service (or lack of), the charges, the whole vibe, really….

* Flickering fluoro lights.

* Those horrible testicles that hang from the towbar of some men’s vehicles. Confirmation they consider their mode of transport an actual substitute for their actual penis.

* Smutty US TV sitcoms whose only plot is sex, sex and more sex, despite the 7pm timeslot.

* TV ads that appear to educate motorists about drink driving but actually promote binge drinking, because we ‘deserve it’.

* Lone shoes on the side of the road. And the matching shoe 1km further on. And those that hang from powerlines, and trees.

* Arctic cardigan-inspired airconditioning on a 35 degree day.

* The offer of another 2cents per litre off my fuel if I spend another $2 in store.

* Floury apples.

* Chinese-grown apples and snow peas at the local supermarket.

* People who think council junk collection’s are year-round.

* People who leave Christmas lights on their house all year.

* Those stupid reindeer antlers on cars.

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20/01/2011 at 11:26



20/01/2011 at 12:40

Reindeer antlers are infinitely better than flags on cars.


23/02/2011 at 15:14

People who use apostrophes to indicate a plural
e.g. "junk collection's" really???


15/06/2011 at 14:48

Well let's see you know what gets up my nose people who could make complaining into some type of competitive sport at the next olympic games.
Come on yes life can be very irritating sometimes as well as some of the people in it but thank god we are all different, when I am having one of those days I look at my little dog he puts a smile on my dile, , I look at my other half and think he's not so bad, we all do battle in this world but it is the battles we win that make it all worth it.

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