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The South Australian Government has come up with the harebrained idea of banning the uploading of violent images or video on the internet.

It comes in the wake of the several videos of schoolyard assaults being uploaded to Youtube.

This is yet another example of governments caring more about looking like the are acting than actually doing anything to help.

Attorney General John Rau wants to make it an offence to knowingly take or publish humiliating, demeaning or degrading images of another person without their consent.

Leaving aside the fact that this law would criminalise a large portion of all photos uploaded to Facebook, it boggles the mind that the government is trying to discourage thugs incriminating themselves.

If anything, I think we should be encouraging people to upload video evidence of their crimes, so we can focus on tackling the actual problem, which is the actual assaults.

“The government wants to attack this disgusting fad of thugs engineering and filming violent and humiliating acts and posting the images to websites,” Mr Rau said on Wednesday.

Here’s an idea Mr Rau, why don’t you focus on making the penalties for the actual assaults severe.

Instead of putting resources into trying to stop videos of violence being uploaded, why don’t you put them into stopping the violence in the first place!

This is a prime example of a government caring more about getting a nice story in the media (coincidently just after a poll showing support for the South Australian government at an all time low) rather than tackling the complex problem of schoolyard violence and bullying.

What makes it even worse is they dress it up as concern for victims.


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