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Giving is good for your health

THE late Sister Ella Williams, a diminutive dynamo whose life of loving made such an impact here and overseas, once told me of a Christmas in Ethiopia. more »

Learning put under microscope

DESPITE living in a scientific and technological world, there is a decreasing interest in science among school-aged youth. more »

Asset-rich but time-poor

BACK in the mid 1800s, those two lurkers Marx and Engels estimated that man should be working as little as four hours a day. more »

Page turned on ‘taboo’ talks

TALKING about sex and relationships can be one of the most awkward conversations parents can have with their children. more »

Challenge comes closer to home

TAKE a drive through some of Perth’s long-established suburbs these days and you’ll see some surprising changes taking shape. more »

$100 not enough to clamp campers’ style

WHETHER to penalise visitors who set up camp illegally in beachfront car parks is not so much an argument of what should happen, but what is feasible. more »

How best to help the vulnerable?

ONE of the less edifying spectacles in western suburbs culture is watching the hysteria that arises when the words ‘social housing’ enter the fray. more »

‘Controls’ crucial for research

ARE you interested in helping to find the causes behind disabling mental illnesses such as schizophrenia? more »

Record card for fun could be better

IMAGINE bus stations with simple step exercise machines. Using them operates a pin ball game. Exercise and have fun while waiting. more »

Cat laws need claws to protect wildlife

PROPOSED cat laws introduced into Parliament this week are designed to create a more responsible culture among pet owners. more »

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