Just who is in control?

FURTHER to the report in the Cockburn Gazette’s August 12 edition headlined “Concern at alleged coach callousness", there was another boy – my son – injured in that same game and taken to Fremantle hospital as well. more »

Owners say no

I THOUGHT the citizens of WA, not any political faction, paid for our assets and therefore the government of the day was merely custodians. more »

Hot issue

IS there a café in the Fremantle area with staff who can make a piping hot cappuccino? more »

Flaws revealed

REPORTS about a four-metre great white shark washed up dead on a Geraldton beach confirm some of the most obvious flaws in the WA Government’s drum lining strategy. more »

Vulnerable people

TO the politicians who play political football with asylum seekers: let's remember that those people who arrive here by boat, the ones we send back home without hearing their asylum claims, detain on islands or put into the community to live a life o more »

No jacarandas

I AGREE with Frank Cherry (Poor choice, Gazette, July 15) about planting jacaranda trees on road verges. more »

Powerful work

MY wife and I take our hats off to the Western Power emergency crews who got our power restored as quickly as possible after the recent storms, obviously working all night in freezing temperatures. more »

Touching honesty

TO the honest person who found my purse outside Hungry Jack’s in Claremont and handed it in at Cockburn Police Station, I am immensely grateful. more »

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