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Role model for staying safe in the sun



Flame-haired stunner Chibbi Crosbie always wears sunscreen. Flame-haired stunner Chibbi Crosbie always wears sunscreen.

WAIKIKI’S very own supermodel Chibbi Crosbie has continued her run of success by winning the Miss Moon Tan contest.

The competition run by Nova FM is dear to the heart of the flame-haired, pale skinned model because it aims to find the most sun- smart person in Perth and prove that fair skin is just as beautiful as brown.

“Embrace the paste,” Miss Crosbie laughed.

“It was so much fun and I was very happy to win. I can’t even walk to the bus stop without a sleeved shirt or I get burnt. I always have to take precautions. I avoid the sun, wear loose clothing and always wear sunscreen.”

She was awarded a $5000 trip to Queenstown, New Zealand but has yet to decide who will accompany her.

“Mum and dad both want to go with me, and I can’t choose. I think I’ll just toss the ticket up in the air and whoever gets to it first can come with me.”

The multi-talented Miss Crosbie plans to enter the Miss Rockingham competition at Musselfest later this month,and the Plein Air art competition.

“Modelling is fun, but art is also very important to me. I’m starting Certificate IV in art and craft this year, so I guess we’ll just see what happens.”

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