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Early closing no help say vendors


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Big N chairman Mike Keiller says alcohol-related violence would not be reduced by closing nightclub venues earlier. Picture: Andrew Ritchie www.communitypix.com.au Big N chairman Mike Keiller says alcohol-related violence would not be reduced by closing nightclub venues earlier. Picture: Andrew Ritchie www.communitypix.com.au Buy this photo

LICENSED venue operators say calls to close clubs and bars earlier will not solve alcohol-related violence in Perth.

The Business Improvement Group of Northbridge (BIG N) chairman Mike Keiller, who is also co-owner of Mustang Bar in Northbridge, said in his experience there was no connection between trading hours and violence.

“People might turn up at a bar at 9pm and already be drunk, or turn up drunk at midnight,” he said.

“Further restrictions are not going to solve anything.”

Bringing closing time of nightclubs forward to 3am has been mooted as a possible strategy to help curb the amount of alcohol related harm in Perth.

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research patron Fiona Stanley is lobbying to develop stricter legislation to reduce alcohol exposure to young people.

Together with WA Alcohol and Youth Action Coalition co-convenor Mike Daube, she wants police to have extra powers to prevent alcohol sales to minors, laws to reduce alcohol exposure to young people and mandatory alcohol and drug education in schools.

“People want this issue to be taken up and government needs to show leadership,” she said.

Fibber McGee’s owner John Little said the focus should be on regulating bottle shop sales to youth drinkers.

“Young people get alcohol from bottle shops rather than at clubs, bars and restaurants,” he said.

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Hey Mike, you're part of the problem. By law, you are meant to refuse service to drunk patrons. But no, you fill them up with even more booze, then toss them out onto the streets. Someone else's problem huh? You and your ilk have a lot to answer for.

honest john


Barnett could not move on this one, even if HE wanted to. The liquor industry is a powerful vested interest, and has Colin in its pocket as well as the owners of licenced premises, who make shed loads of money in the early hours of the morning.



As a former taxi driver, I can absolutely say with confidence that liquor outlets DO act as hubs for violence and bad behaviour. Sell only soft drinks after midnight and watch the violence dissapear.



Close all liquor outlets early across the State let us wait and see if it has an affect on the drunk and violent behaviour. We do not know if it will work until we try it. So the liquor outlet will loose money , is that such a bad thing when the lives of hundreds and thousands will benefit.



Mike, Do you not realize that you, serving drunks is a crime. In fact in my opinion you should not be selling to any kid under 25. Many 25 year old kids are unable to read or write let alone drink - it sure is a sore point difficult to believe in this day and age. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200. Licensed operators serving drinks to young kids should be :"BEHIND BARS:. Colin Barnett does not to loose votes so he does nothing to solve the problem. He is very comfortable in his $75,000 palace along with a nice income +++++.

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