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Mulch Advice

I have mulch and it appears too dry. Does anyone know the correct ratios of how to develop mulch which is perfect for the garden? more »

Ferret wanted

i am trying to find a baby ferret as a pet. I have found it very hard to find a breeder or pet for sale. If anyone knows on anyone with some for sale or knows of a breeder. I would also be interested... more »

Stihl vs Husqvarna

Am upgrading my chainsaw and was wanting advice on Stihl or Husqvarna. I have had a 36cc Husky for 16 years and it has been trouble free, a lot of people say Stihl are the Rolls Royce of chainsaws. Will... more »

Old Jarrah Tree Sign, Armadale

I`ve noticed over the past couple of months that the sign depicting the old Jarrah tree, situated in the vicinity of the new shopping centre, has disappeared. Enquiries at the shopping centre couldn`t... more »

Whats in a name?

What is a common description of a "friendly" beach? If YOU WERE OFFERING A PRIZE based on the care, protection and management of the coast, what criteria would you base your choice on? Would it entail... more »

Forest Department Settlements Information Wanted

Information is sought from families who lived within Forests Dept settlements, on living conditions,settlement locations, type of work and any interesting stories from their time there. It is planned to... more »

Concrete, amount

Can anyone please tell me how much concrete I need to order for an area 3m x 1m x 20cm deep approx? more »

Men and their Sheds Filming Request

Skip Film Productions are in production with a new TV program called Men and Their Sheds. Each of the first 13 episodes will feature four components. 1 - The Men Sheds Programs Australia wide, 2 - The... more »

Massage Oil on bath-towels

I have some good thick bath towels that have become discoloured by body oil used for massages. Washing does not remove the oil, can someone suggest how to make them clean again please!! more »

LOST - Gold Bracelet!

On Saturday 2nd July I dropped my bracelet as I got out of my car just outside the movies in Currambine. Three teenage girls were watching me. I realized 10 minutes later it was gone and so were they.... more »

Looking for the Rev

I need help to locate Rev James Booth. He ran the Aquarian Healing Centre in Wandi. I have been successfully treated by the Rev on numerous occassions. I tried to contact him recently but the phone has... more »

Free Established Rose Bushes

We are removing a rose garden that is probably 30-40 years old. If anyone would like to come and dig them up from Hamersley. more »


Hello, I picked up a registered mail envelope containing hubby's bday card and our anniversary card on Saturday 15th july. Unfortunately it must have slipped out of the shopping bags while loading two... more »

FOUND Hockey Sports Bag

Hi, a sports bag with a couple of hockey sticks was thrown into our garden. It contains a few other items which if you can identify, we know it is yours. Call 0414 478 079 to claim it back. more »

LOST - Baby Girls Hoody

I have lost my baby's pink striped hoody, to fit a 6 month old, near Rebel Sport in Cannington. Apparantly it was picked up by a lady. This jacket has huge sentimental value to us as it was a gift. ... more »

Chrohn's disease

We are looking for a support group or people affected by this disease to share information and knowledge. What worked for you and what didn't? We appreciate all feedback more »

Camera Memory Card Found

The flash drive for a Canon SLR camera was found beside Kalamunda road, past the cemetery approaching the brickworks ( travelling towards Kalamunda). Pictures of someone's wedding are on it. An example... more »


Two thugs entered our home in Pearsall Sunday 21/8 while we slept on the couch a silver LG KM900 phone was stolen but more importantly a Mens Seiko silver and gold bracelet style watch with "Happy 30th... more »

FOUND - Green Indian Ringneck

Ballajura area, found Friday night in our backyard we assume it's because we have other birds. He is safe and sound in our cage with our OTHER ringneck but we would like to give him back to his owner as... more »

where are they 2

I sent a letter requesting information about Don and Betty Marsh who lived in Ledger Road Gooseberry Hill in 1972/3 and also Graham and Sylvia Baker who lived in Kalamunda and John and Ronnie Woodward... more »

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