Massage Oil on bath-towels

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I have some good thick bath towels that have become discoloured by body oil used for massages. Washing does not remove the oil, can someone suggest how to make them clean again please!!

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have you tried soaking in Napisan for a couple of days, then regular wash



I have found grease or oil or fat marks on everyday clothes especially work clothes, comes out when a small amount of dishwashing liquid (I use morning fresh) is applied.
Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to mark, little water and mix in with finger tip till it is jelly like.
Add to normal washing load in machine.

or maybe try adding a little dishwashing liquid to your next machine wash. Add white vinagar to your (fabric soferner dispenser instead of fabric softner). This strips out excess soap powder leaving your towels clothes cleaner and softer.

Trish Clough


Wash in extra hot water with appropriate detergent. Could take them to a commercial laundry service for hot wash. For future reference, you can purchase a water-soluble massage oil (maybe in Melrose brand, from health food shops). This should wash out more easily.



I splashed alot of vegetable fat all over a white top, i covered the patches with talcum powder and left for a few days, my top was good as new, not a mark! Hope this helps!



If you used vegetable oil for your massages then the marks could be burnt onto the cloth permanently. vegetable based oils including natural polishes when left to set on rags or cloth can build up considerable heat which has sometimes led to spontaneous combustion. care must be used when leaving bundled or folded cloth for extended periods with such oil on them.



Hi there, spray towels with a pre-stain remover, and re wash in machine, using ONLY white vinegar to rinse them. When fabric conditioner is used to rinse, the chemicals in washing powder remain in the item, and harden the fibres. The white vinegar removes all traces of powder, and softens them like new.



Oil on towels you could put some sugar in your wash along with some napi san.I used this for my ex husbands work cloth it was great for getting the grease out maybe four cups to a wash. Give it a go.

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